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The draft 2023 budget for all of the funds of Mineral County can be reviewed at the Mineral County Courthouse, 1201 N Main, Creede, Colorado. Contact the Mineral County Administrator to review the budget (719-658-2360 or PO Box 70, Creede, CO 81130) or access it on the Mineral County website, mineralcounty.colorado.gov/annual-budgets. The budget will be presented for approval at a meeting of the Mineral County BOCC on Monday, December 5, 2022 at the Mineral County Courthouse.

Comments on the budget can be submitted to the Administrator in writing (1201 North Main or PO Box 70, Creede, CO 81130) by end of business Monday, November 30 or at a regular scheduled meeting (October 18, 9 am; October 26, 10 am; November 9, 9 am; November 16, 10 am; November 16, 10 am.)