Mineral County Dental Clinic

Mineral County Dental Clinic

Dr. Mike Martin retired from Dentistry earlier this year.  His last day with Mineral County Dental Clinic was April 30.  Efforts made by Mineral County and Dr. Martin, for the last several months, to find someone to move into his position resulted in Dr. Eric Smith from Pagosa Springs, and Leslie Leggett, the dental hygienist that has worked for Mineral County for the last three years, partnering up and purchasing the dental practice from Mineral County.  Mineral County is thrilled to announce that the new partnership will assume ownership as of Monday, May 16th.  They will be operating under Creede Dental Works.  Obviously, they won't be moving and will continue their practice in the same location, 802 Rio Grande Avenue, Creede, CO.  We encourage all patients, current and former, to give them a call at 719-658-0322 to find out what's new with schedules and policies.  We are very excited to be able to have a competent and professional dental practice in Creede which has been our ultimate goal since Mineral County Dental Clinic was born in 2014.  Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call the clinic or to call the Mineral County Administrator's office.  


Dentist - Eric Smith DDS


Hygienist  - Leslie Leggett, RDH

Phone 719-658-0322