Marriage License

Marriage or Civil Union Issue & Use

Questions you will be asked

  • The date that you are getting married
  • Where you are marrying (license only valid in Colorado)
  • The exact date and location of your divorce or previous spouse's death. Both parties must be able to provide this information. If you were previously in a civil union and are marrying someone else you must provide the name of your partner in the civil union.
  • Know your relationship if related by blood
  • The city and state where both parties were born and where parents reside

Things to know

  • The marriage license fee is $30 payable by cash or check only.
  • You may marry in front of a judge, through a religious ceremony, or by self-solemnizing (this means you marry by signing the certificate yourselves)
  • The certificate must be signed in Colorado within 35 days from the date the license was issued
  • The completed marriage certificate must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder for recording within 63 days after solemnization. After that date late fees will apply.
  • Blood tests are not required in Colorado, and there is no waiting period
  • Applicants need not be Colorado residents

You and your intended spouse each must present one of these valid forms of identification

Proof of Identity and Age, In order to issue a Marriage or Civil Union License, we must have valid proof of age and identity.  The following forms of identification are acceptable for age.  A photo ID is required for identification (C.R.S. 14-2-105, 14-15-109 &, 24-72.1-101).
Secure and Verifiable forms of ID:
  • Any current Colorado Driver's License, Colorado Driver's Permit or Colorado Identification Card, current or expired one year or less
  • A valid out of state issued photo driver license or identification card
  • Current US Passport
  • Valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid processed for I551 stamps
  • Valid I-94 issued by the Canadian government with L1 or R1 status and a valid Canadian driver's license or valid Canadian identification card
  • A valid Canadian (only) passport without the I-94 issued
  • Valid I551 Resident Alien/Permanent Resident card., No border crosser or USA B1/B2 Visa/BCC cards
  • Valid I688 Temporary Resident Card, I668B and I76 Employment Authorization Card with intact photo
  • Valid US Military ID (active duty, dependent, retired, reserve, or National Guard)
  • Original or certified copy of US Military separation papers (DD214) from the Department of Defense or Veteran Affairs., Any DD214 marked with the disclaimer "Not to be used for identification" is not acceptable
  • Tribal identification card (US or Canadian)
  • United States or United States Territory Certified court order of adoption (must include date of birth)
  • Certificate or Naturalization with intact photo
Certificate of US Citizenship with intact photo
The following are NOT acceptable forms of ID:
  • Consular cards
  • City and county detention center ID cards
  • Novelty ID cards
  • Souvenir birth certificates (issued by hospitals)
  • Social Security cards
  • As of July 1989, blood tests are NOT required for either party
Required Information
  • Social Security number (last four digits),(per C.R.S. 14-14-113). If an applicant does not have a social security number, an affidavit of no social security number must be signed and notarized.
  • Place of Birth (City and State/Country)
  • Parents names, mother maiden name, and current address
  • Divorce Information (date, place, and court where granted)
  • If final divorce date is 30 days or less from date of application, a copy of the decree is required

The name on the license will appear exactly as it is on the IDs provided to us.

You are required to provide a Social Security number if you have one. If one of the parties does not have a Social Security number (they are from another country or they are in the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship), they are not required to have one to get married. A Social Security Affidavit will be required to be signed and notarized.

Please Note: Birth certificates, baptismal certificates and Foreign Consular IDs are not acceptable forms of identification for marriage or civil union licenses. A birth certificate may be used to confirm date of birth when presented along with one of the valid forms of identification

Copies of Marriage/Civil Union Licenses

Copies of Marriage/Civil Union License Applications (REQUIRES NOTARIZATION)