Mineral County Commissioners

The Board of county commissioners serve as both administrative and policy-making bodies for their counties. While, generally, boards have only those powers specifically conferred by the state General Assembly, courts have held that they have such implied powers as may be necessary to carry out their specified powers. Constitutionally, the board also sits as the county board of equalization. The board also fills all vacancies in county offices other than those for county commissioner and for public trustee. All powers of the county, as a legal entity, are exercised by the board of county commissioners and not by its individual members. (Source: www.ccionline.org)

What we are working on?

Currently the commissioners are working on several projects that affect the future of our county with one of the most important being the purchase of the landfill from the U.S. Forest Service. ,Currently the landfill is operating on a lease which expires in 2020. The Forest Service is no longer interested in the lease and would close the landfill if the county does not take ownership. ,This is not an option the commissioners or the Forest Service want and both entities are working hard to make sure this does not come to be. We believe the landfill is a vital service to our county residents and guest and are working hard to ensure it counties to operate. Please feel free to come to our meetings or contact a commissioner for updates on the projects we are working on.

Contact a Commissioner:

Commissioner Meetings: First and Third Wednesday of each month, Work Sessions scheduled for Second and Foruth Wednesday of each month

Commissioners Contact:

Jesse Albright
Chair Commissioner District 2
Ramona Weber
Commissioner District 3
R. Scott Lamb
Commissioner District 1
(719) 849-3542

Commissioners Office Schedule:

Monday - Jesse Albright 9am-12pm

Tuesday - Ramona Weber 9am-12pm    Scott Lamb 1pm-4pm

Wednesday - Ramona Weber 1pm-4pm

Thursday - Jesse Albright 9am-12pm    Scott Lamb 1pm-4pm