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Mineral County Search & Rescue

Mineral County Search & Rescue (SAR) is made up of dedicated and trained professionals who provide response teams to persons in distress or imminent danger. We are committed to excellence through education and exercising our skills. We actively train and strive for continuous improvement in coordination and communications among our response teams for our community.

To become a part of the Mineral County SAR Team, download and fill out the SAR application and forward it to the SAR Coordinator or drop it off at the Mineral County Sheriff's Office.


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Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search & Rescue Card

If you plan on traveling in the back country and are not a licensed hunter or fisherman, you can use the Quick Response (QR) Code below and purchase your card online or if you please, drop by the Mineral County Sheriff's Office and pick up a CORSAR card.

$3.00 for one year | $12.00 for five years
For the cost of the card, you have helped ensure that trained and well equipped search and rescue teams will be reimbursed their personal costs to respond should you become lost or in need of rescue. 

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Search & Rescue Contacts:


Search & Rescue Contacts:

Mineral County SAR Coordinator:  Clint Leggett
Email:  mincoemc@mincocolo.com
Phone: (719) 658-2600 (W)  
Fax: (719) 658-2764

SAR Board Members:

Jimmy Adelman
Andrew Marino
Greg Pearson
Jess Biernat
John Steele
Terry Wetherill