Purchased from an Individual

To register a vehicle that was purchased from an individual, the buyer needs to supply the following:

  • An odometer statement is required if the vehicle is newer then 10 years old. Most titles provide a place for the odometer reading.
  • A title properly transferred from seller to buyer is required.
    • If title is not readily available, a bill of sale and insurance (in the new owner’s name) on the new vehicle will allow purchase of a temporary permit / registration.
    • If the title is not a Colorado title, a VIN verification is required. A VIN verification is available from any Colorado law enforcement officer or Colorado dealer.
    • Older Colorado titles may require a notary. If the title has a place for a notary to sign, it needs to be notarized or a Statement of Transfer (in lieu of notarization of Colorado title) Form DR2445 needs to be filled out.
    • Notary may be required on out of state titles.
  • Proof of insurance is required and must state year, make, Vin, owner's name, and expiration. Proof of insurance includes:
    • Binder / letter from an insurance company on company letter
    • Declaration page
    • Valid insurance card